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Shipping and Sales Tax
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Shipping cost is calculated using the weight and dimensions of the product(s) ordered based on selected shipping method.

Applicable taxes will be communicated following receipt of your order.

Payment Methods
Shipping and Sales Tax] [Payment Methods] [Terms and Conditions]
Payment methods accepted:
Credit Card

Credit Cards Accepted:
Master Card
American Express

Terms and Conditions
Shipping and Sales Tax] [Payment Methods] [Terms and Conditions]
SALES AND USE TAX INFORMATION is not responsible for collecting nor filing of appicable sales taxes that would be assoicated with the purchase of any of the devices though our website. is a Pennsylvania corporation which is operated out of the State of Pennsylvania. The items on our site currently do not have any associated sales tax with them in the State of Pennsylvania. Any customer that resides outside of the State of Pennsylvania will be responsible to research, file and pay any necessary sales/use taxes in their residing state or the state they the device is shipped to. It is highly recommended that our customers contact the Department of Revenue in the state that the items is shipped to in efforts of researching any applicable tax thay may be owed by the end user. RETURN POLICY • All goods (excluding custom ordered items) accompanied with original receipt have a 14 day full refund policy. • All goods (excluding custom ordered items) accompanied with original receipt returned 15-30 days from date of purchase customers have an option either to receive full store credit or request a refund minus a 15% restocking fee. • All goods cannot be returned after 30 days from date of purchase • All goods returned without original packaging will not be acceptable • All shipping and handling expense is non refundable • All shipping and handling expense for returns are paid by customers o Customer will be refunded the shipping expense if a legitimate warranty claim is authorized by manufacturer or if Absolute Medical Inc. is proven by customer to be at fault of a order processing mistake Process for All Returned Items: • For all item returns or exchanges (custom or off the shelf ), customers must obtain a Return Authorization number by calling 1-888-214-4100. Items returned without a Return Authorization number will not be accepted and will be shipped back to customers address at customers expense. • You must keep all original packing material, boxes, and documentation in the event that your merchandise needs to be returned. Items returned without all packing materials will not be accepted and will be shipped back to customers address at customers expense. • All returns must be returned in a shipping box (not an envelope) to protect the integrity of the items. • If you order multiple of the same item and you experience problems with one item, do not wear other items. One worn item may be exchanged, but not all. • Federal law requires that all garments worn next to the skin be laundered before being returned. Any garment returned in soiled condition cannot be inspected by a manufacturer, and will be sent back to you unevaluated and shipping will be at customers expense • We cannot accept returns or exchanges on certain items, including: o Altered garments will not be exchanged, even if there is a defect; o All Ulcer Care garments and liners, Anti-embolism stockings, plastic surgery garments, Facioplasty, and bandages are NON-RETURNABLE, whether they are opened or unopened due to FDA regulations; o Any special order items or items listed on the website as non-returnable; o Any items that smell of smoke, perfume, or other pollutants; and o Any items that are soiled or show signs of wear. • All non-returnable items sent to Absolute Medical, Inc. will be returned to the customer at the customer's expense (continued on other side) Manufacturer's Defect (Warranty Return) 1. Return warranty form (if required by manufacturer) via fax, email, or USPS mail to designated address on forms. 2. Returns for manufacturers defects within 14 days of receipt by customer will be exchanged immediately yet item must be in original packaging. 3. Returns for manufacturers defects after 14 days from receipt by customer must be examined by the manufacturer for flaws in product material and or manufacturing. If warranty applies replacements will be shipped direct to customer. 4. Returns must be sent to us in a shipping box (not an envelope). 5. Subject to manufacturer's findings which can take 1-2 weeks AFTER manufacturer receiving package. Custom Items 1. Custom Items are not returnable or exchangeable. 2. Custom Items must be measured by qualified/certified manufacturers fitter or any fit/alteration guarantee policy will be void. Fitter license number must be listed at appropriate location on measurement form to qualify. 3. Some manufacturers offer a one-time fit guarantee. See listing below for qualifying manufacturers. One time only per garment - sure fit guarantee - 10 days to get Return Authorization number. Orders returned without a Return Authorization number will not be accepted and will be shipped back at customers expense. 4. Cannot switch from one manufacturer to another - must stay with original manufacturer. 5. Re-orders can be done without re-measurement by certified fitter once initial items fit are verified. 6. Customer abuse (ex. not following manufacturers care instructions) voids any returns. 7. Use of fabric softeners, lotions, creams, bleach, or any other additives and exposure to temperatures exceeding 150 will void the warranty. 8. Don with rubber gloves to prevent damage from fingernails as fingernail damage is not covered. 9. Warranty is only valid if the instruction for care are followed. Manufacturers Fit Policy Juzo, Jobst, Medi- No Refunds. Offers Fit Guarantee ** Solaris - No refunds. Sure fit or alteration cost is $60/hour plus shipping. Farrow - No refunds. Alteration cost is $60/hour plus shipping. Jovi - No Refunds. Non-returnable for Made To Measure & custom. Alteration cost is $60/hour plus shipping. Circaid - No Refunds. Custom is non-returnable. Biacare - No Refunds. Custom is non-returnable. **Fit guarantee alternation garments are 14-day return policy. After 14 day from receipt of goods expires garments will have to be remade and full charges will apply.
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