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All Categories > Alternative Compression Garments > SOLARIS® Alternative Compression Garments  

SOLARIS® Alternative Compression Garments

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Solaris ReadyWrap Arm

Solaris ReadyWrap Lymphedema Arm Piece Garments

Solaris ReadyWrap
The ReadyWrap Arm features a padded wrist and elbow to eliminate compression hot spots and provide additional comfort. The bilateral design contours to both left and right arms. The color-coded hook and loop closures make for easy donning. It features a built in liner to allow for easier, one-handed donning and doffing.

Solaris Ready Wrap Leg

Solaris ReadyWrap Lymphedema Calf Piece Garments

The ReadyWrap Calf provides maximum therapeutic benefits, excellent contouring, and complete comfort. The strapping system mimics the 50% overlap of short-stretch bandaging and reduces shear force pressure when being applied to the limb. Velcro placement is designed to minimize strap shifting and enhance ease of donning. Lowstretch materials provide simultaneous low resting/high working pressure maximizing the calf muscle function, especially when exercising or walking. This unit may be worn alone or over the top of compression hosiery. A ReadyWrap liner is included.

Solaris ReadyWrap Foot

Solaris ReadyWrap Lymphedema Foot Piece Garments

The Solaris ReadyWrap Foot features a simple two-strap design that fits into most shoes and allows for easier donning. Left and right specific designs enhance contouring. It is the perfect alternative for patients who have difficulty donning elastic stockings or whose skin may be compromised by shear forces. Like all Solaris ReadyWraps, the low stretch material provides a low resting/high working pressure similar to industry standard short-stretch bandaging. A ReadyWrap liner is included.

Solaris ReadyWrap Gauntlet

Solaris ReadyWrap Lymphedema Gauntlet Piece Garments

The Solaris ReadyWrap Gauntlet provides coverage from the wrist to the metacarpophalangeal joints (MCP). It is designed to overlap the ReadyWrap Arm. The Solaris ReadyWrap Gauntlet features a right- or left-specific design to contour more naturally to the hand. It has built-in padding for the palm and dorsum to help provide consistent compression over bony prominences.

Solaris ReadyWrap Knee

Solaris ReadyWrap Lymphedema Knee Piece Garments

The Solaris ReadyWrap Knee provides support for patients with localized patella swelling, or acts as a bridge connecting the calf and thigh units to provide full leg coverage. Its simple 3-strap design makes this unit easy to donn and the 50% overlap mimics shortstretch bandaging. A ReadyWrap liner is included.

Solaris ReadyWrap Thigh

Solaris ReadyWrap Lymphedema Thigh Piece Garments

The Solaris ReadyWrap Thigh is the perfect addition to the knee, calf, and foot ReadyWraps for patients with full leg edema. When used by itself, it is also a great option to prevent localized swelling from the superior patella border to the groin. The strap systemÕs 50% overlap mimics short-stretch bandaging. The low-stretch fabric helps ensure low resting and high working pressure. A ReadyWrap liner is included.

Solaris ReadyWrap Extender Strap

Solaris ReadyWrap Extender Strap

Solaris ReadyWrap
Extender Strap provides an additional 10 cm to a standard ReadyWrap strap.  Compatible with ReadyWrap Calf, Knee, and Thigh units.

Solaris Silver Liner - Short

Solaris Silver Liner

Solaris is proud to introduce a liner specifically designed to be used under compression garments. Every Solaris Silver Liner is manufactured with unique silver, antimicrobial properties for maximum comfort and protection. Solaris Silver Liners are manufactured in the USA and are available in below knee and thigh-high versions. Both versions accommodate girths up to 75cm.

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